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Localization – a Necessity

Localizing products and services opens up new markets. G&U as an experienced service provider can support you in the process.

The G&U team consists of people who have an intimate knowledge of not only the terminology, but also of the processes of various fields of technology, electronics, aeronautics, science and economics. We can offer you specialist translation and localization that is superior to work from agencies which work only with dictionaries.

With G&U, you buy more than 25 years of experience and expertise.


Quality & Costs

The localization of a product has to be carried out quickly while at the same time meeting the highest quality standards. G&U uses modern software tools like translation memory systems and sophisticated digital editors. This allows for recycling and continued use of your available texts. Product management is simplified and sped up, superfluous costs are avoided, the consistency of the texts is maintained, and updates can be applied quickly and efficiently.




Our customer list has for years included well-known companies like Siemens, Bosch, John Deere and Microsoft. We guarantee a high quality of translation, quick project execution and professional project management.

Contact us for a quote and a sample translation.

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