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Your DTP Partner of Choice

In addition to competitive pricing, an integrated and flexible service provider is crucial to give you a head start on the market.

From the early days of desktop publishing G&U does not only offer layout and typesetting services, but also a host of other advantages as our customers can testify.

G&U works with you as a partner and service provider in all phases of a job, beginning with the development of customised tools, e.g. for uniform text recording and standardization in order to reduce costs, through author and project management, thus considerably relieving the work load of your production department.

We routinely prepare documentation in the format XML, e.g. in FrameMaker + SMGL, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. We do complex typesetting including mathematical and chemical formulas and produce e-books, e.g. for the Apple Store or Amazon Kindle.

We produce full four-color volumes with color fidelity up to the pre-press phase. Furthermore, we do the layout and design for special requirements and produce books and documentation from data bases.

Due to our extensive know-how in technically as well as graphically oriented publishing programs, our work is structured and functionally thought-out from the very beginning. Thus, formats exported by G&U are fully functional on all platforms, including features like user interfaces and controls in PDF documents.

The following pages contain some samples of our work.

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Flying the
Airbus A380

Localization, DTP
with InDesign

EV3 Laboratory

Localization, DTP
with InDesign


with InDesign




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