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G&U at a Glance

Founded: 1988
Employees: 6
Microsoft vendor: since 1999
Services: Specialist translation/localization, editing,
DTP & media design
Customers: Publishing houses, engineering companies, plant manufacturers, industrial enterprises, software producers



In 1988, G&U was founded by Volkmar Gronau and Dirk H. Urbanek as service provider for software localization, specialist translation and technical documentation.

From its inception the company worked for the likes of Microsoft, Sharp Electronics Europe and BMW. As a result we extended the range of our services and further customers in the fields of publishing, industry and software were acquired.

Today, G&U comprises a staff of six and works together with a pool of more than 20 freelancers.


Corporate building in Flensburg



The team of G&U consists of six employees for quality control, specialist translation, DTP and project management. In addition, G&U has been working for more than a quarter of a century with a pool of more than 20 experienced freelancers for translations in all major languages.

Since 1998, G&U has been training apprentices in media design for digital and print media.


Microsoft Vendor

In 1999, G&U became a certified Microsoft vendor for translation and DTP. Our core competencies comprise operating systems and server products.


Specialist Translation/Localization, Editing

Germany is the largest market in Europe. Conversely, in the age of globalisation it is very important for German companies to offer their products all around the world in the local languages. G&U embeds your product seamlessly into the targeted language area.

Our long-time know-how in localisation provides your product with the crucial advantage of the look and feel of a native-language product. In reaching this goal you are actively supported by our DTP department, which brings your corporate identity and your product design in line with the target market’s standards and provides a high-quality and cost-effective product.


DTP and Media Design

For more than 25 years, G&U has provided DTP and media design for its customers. From product documentation and training materials to specialised books and textbooks to Internet presences, G&U has numerous customers in diverse areas of expertise, including e-book production.

G&U offers more than only multi-language DTP services. We are competent in text and author management, standardization of authoring up to and including structured text editing in XML and SGML and layout design. Without being immodest we would like to add that we are more than merely competent – some of our designs even won prizes!



G&U works for a variety of customers: specialist publishing houses, engineering companies, plant manufacturers, industrial enterprises and software producers. In the references section, you will find an excerpt of our customers list and many work samples.

We would like to add your name to that list. Contact us and give us a try!

Canon EOS 5D Mark III - Das Kamerabuch
with InDesign

Tutorial Kit Electronics
Localization, DTP
with InDesign

CMMI for Development
Localization, DTP
with FrameMaker



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